Die Kunst der Portrait-Karikatur von Pit Hammann: Ikonen der Popkultur als Kugelschreiber-Zeichnung.

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Dear visitor,

Maybe you are considering purchasing a drawing?

We’re not just in any online shop here. You don’t want just any mass-produced item, but rather a unique piece, one of my works. Therefore, I believe it’s appropriate for us to communicate personally. So:

Write me an email and tell me what you want.

Maybe you’d like to start with the current catalogues?
There’s one for ballpoint pen works and one for colored pencil, and both include prices.
You’ll then receive link to download the catalogues (the files are a bit too cumbersome for an email).

Perhaps you already know exactly which drawing you’d like and don’t need the catalogues at all?
Wonderful, I’ll certainly provide you with the price for your favorite piece.

Maybe the exact drawing you wanted is already sold?
Let me know, and I’ll create a new, unique one for you.

Perhaps you find the price for a ballpoint pen drawing too high?
I understand. I’m happy to draw you a version with colored pencil. It’s much quicker than with a ballpoint pen and therefore much more affordable.

Have you made your decision?

That’s great to hear. Let me know what I can send you and provide me with your billing and delivery address.
Then I’ll write you an invoice. Once the amount is received in my account, your drawing will be on its way.
It’s as simple as that.

Möchten Sie den Katalog?
Schreiben Sie mir.

Ich schicke Ihnen gerne einen
als Gratis-PDF.
Mit Preisen.

Ron Perlman | Hellboy